What is the current 3Y0K plan for landing the equipment? Learning from the 3Y0J mistakes is essential to achieve success.

Last time we planned based on little to no information about the landing conditions. This time we base our plan on our own real experience – three of us already did many dinghy landings, and we know the waters.
This time we go with a lightweight but still powerful setup with amplifiers and yagi. We have removed all the heavy equipment like e.g 250 kg winch system that wasn’t suitable, heavy diesel generators, tools, 300 liter paraffin, excess water, guys stakes for tents, heavy antenna/mast system. There is no social tent, as we’re there to work the pileup, and we go with some smaller personal Norwegian winter rated tents that will also be emergency tents during first landing. These tents will be sponsored by a Norwegian manufacturer! The team will make the tent selection next month.

We have split the 1900 kg equipment, fuel, food and supplies in 3 stages where stage 1 and 2 is 750 kg each and stage 3 is 400 kg, where last stage mainly consisting of spare parts and more fuel. Breaking the numbers further down we see that each of the seven persons that will stay on the island have to carry 100 kg for stage 1 and 2 and 50 kg for stage 3. The 100 kg equals 5 trips with 20 kg each trip!

Again, if you were a 3Y0K operator you would have to carry a little over 100 kg that would typically be:

  • 1x 23 kg barrel
  • 1x Honda generator 22 kg
  • 2x fuel cans 36 kg
  • 1x antenna skibag 16 kg
  • 1x misc bag/box 13 kg

The barrels contain, electronics, radio, amplifiers, food, etc. There is absolutely no doubt that the experience we have makes it possible to detail out exactly what we need to carry. Again would you think it is feasible to carry this amount of equipment, food, fuel and supplies? On the return we would have significant less weight to carry down from 1900 kg to only 1200 kg!

With $30,000 in donations, we still need your support to pay the $100,000 vessel deposit that is approaching. If you want to see Bouvet activated please consider supporting us on www.3y0k.com

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