[PRESS RELEASE #2] – Revealing some of our coming Bouvet plans, and a dedicated camp for North America (low angle take off).

We have worked on our website – and today we launched a common website for those two DXpeditions www.3y0.no / www.3y0k.com / www.3y0l.com

With this we start fundraising for our 3YØK Bouvet trip. At the time of this announcement we hold the only valid DXpedition callsign for Bouvet  – 3YØK, and we have signed all required contracts and agreements.

We’re seeking donations to help cover our $440,000 budget where today we already have secured 67% of the funds. Thus we need to fund the remaining $150,000, which is significantly less than all previous DXpeditions to Bouvet.

Some clubs and individuals have already donated – and we really appreciate it!

The team of 3 operators and 4 men support team will depart from Falkland island and will spend 14 days motor sailing to Bouvet. The vessel is 65 ft, steel, motorized and with backup sails and is a former passenger vessel that has been refitted since 2020. After being refitted it will is considered as a new boat with all new interior and engine (5000 hp), two new masts, sails, genset, anchor, chain, all new hydraulics, EIRP, 12 man Solas lift raft, radar, eco sounder, autopilot and increased fuel capacity. It is also polar rated and has 5 water tight sections. Despite it is 65ft, the storage capacity is likely better than Marama as in addition to main deck has one large roof deck. We have scrutinized the equipment list and have significantly reduced the total weight from a whopping 7 tons to a slim 2.1 tons including needed generator fuel. We have already prepared a detailed loading plan and we know exactly how many barrels, ski bags, boxes and pelican cases to bring onshore and how to pack it. Our landing plans have been optimized And, given our previous experience in landing, we have a solid and realistic plan to go onshore which again will be a staged landing. We will be using 3 dinghies, where two dinghies will always be in the water at the same time. The Captain has been supporting private, government, film company & tourist expeditions to high latitudes continually since 1997 and his crew is young (in their 30s), but also experienced in these waters.

We have contracted 30 days around the island, and 21 days on the island, and the Captain has agreed to this being a performance clause in the contract. There exists liquidated damages in the contract should this be breached. DXpedition planning involves not only selecting radios, amplifiers and antennas. It is also about risks, budget, finance, cash flow and contract integrity. We are the first one’s to know that there is unfinished business at Bouvet, and we have a strong desire to make it happen again, but Better. We have therefore worked hard after the previous attempt to come to this position to announce a return to Bouvet and with our low cost project, dedicated and experienced team and duration, we have prepared the groundwork for a feasible Bouvet project without breaking the bank.

Among other revisions we will only use lightweight Honda generators, and we will go lightweight with most everything but this time with amplifiers and Yagi from 20-10m. We are excited to announce our plans for a dedicated North America camp. During our previous attempt we scouted an area ½ mile west of the main camp. This area offers a low angle take off to NA and will make our signals much stronger and louder all over NA compared to the previous time. We will be able to setup a dedicated camp at the hill with clear take off to the NA west coast (an unobstructed view).

It will not be possible without your generous support and we are seeking donors to help us cover the remaining $150,000. Please visit our website for more information. or click Here to donate Now

Thank you,

73 from the 3YØK Team

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