Peter I Island DXpedition 2026


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Peter 1 island

Peter I Island DXpedition 2026 is in the progress!

#8 most wanted DXCC entity

We have secured a vessel, and we’re now building a team of 19 operators that will go to Peter I Island in February 2026 and stay there for 14 days. The vessel is a proper Antarctica vessel with 2 helicopters, two Expedition leaders and with all permits needed. We are working closely with the Norwegian Polar Institute to obtain the landing permit. A website will be created and more information about Peter I Island DX-pedition will be released later. Fundraising is expected to start 2024

Team leader Ken LA7GIA – Co-leader Adrian KO8SCA, Co-leader Cezar VE3LYC and Co-leader Dave WD5COV. Media Officer and WW Pilot Steve Hass N2AJ.

Because we are running the two DXpeditions through the same organization there exist synergies as for the equipment, logistics and resources committed to execute these.

Thank you,
73, Ken LA7GIA